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Our Services
We offer bartenders,waitstaff, cigar girls, party rentals and more.
  1. Waitstaff, cocktail waitress
    Our waitstaff come early with a smile dressed sharp and neat wearing black and white tux uniforms. We help set up, organize, serve drinks/apps/food, cut and pass cake, attend to the guests needs, clear dirty dishes off of tables and clean up at the end of the event.
  2. Bartenders
    Our bartenders come an half an hour early to set up the bar dressed sharp wearing black and white tux uniforms or all black uniforms. The bartenders provide bar utensils, napkins, straws, disposable cups and shot glasses. Depending on the package we also can provide mixers and garnishes.
  3. Cigar girls, cocktail waitresses, bikini bartenders
    Cigar girls
    We also have exotic cigar girls and bikini bartenders for that special casino or NFL party. These beautiful ladies come dressed in corset, bustier, bikini or sexy lingerie. We provide the cigars, gum, mints, chocolates, and cigarettes.

Other services

 We offer other services such as;
Bikini Bartenders, Bathroom attendants, Busboys, Dishwashers, Security/Bouncers, Door person/Coat check, Margarita Machines, Popcorn Machines, Snow cone machines, Cotton candy machines, Bouncey Houses, DJ's, Photo Booths, Casino Dealers, Casino Rentals, Glassware Rentals, Clowns, and Face painters.
If there is something that you may want at your event and I do not offer it, i have contacts that may offer what you are looking for.
What We Do
Leave all of the details to us!
We will take the stress away on your special day. You be come a guest and not the host. Our bartenders and waitstaff have over 15 years of experience and have great attention to detail, very organized,  and knowledge of over 1,000 drinks. We arrive on time with a smile half an hour early free of charge for set up, dressed sharp and neat in black and white tux uniform or all black uniform. Our staff are all Title IV ,TABC, Servesafe and ABC bartending certified. Dont spend all your spare time making  plans, we also can do drink menu planning and signature drinks. Let us do the legwork so you can enjoy your event stress free.
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